Commands Not to Use with Your Dogs Name!

Have you ever been told not to use your dog’s name when giving them certain commands? Have you tried it and seen that your pet fails to do the task at hand? Have no fear, this is completely normal. There are several reasons why using your dog’s name in an order can be ineffective.

When to use your dog’s name?

It is taught to use your dog’s name when giving commands. For example, you could say “come here Georgie” or “stay Georgie“.

After I trained my dog, soon I got used to saying its name with every command. I quickly realized that this would not do. It was difficult to avoid using my dog’s name when I meant to give a command without it.

Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing, so it is important to use your dog’s name positively. For instance, if you are about to give them a treat or take them on a walk, calling their name before doing that will make the experience more rewarding for them. This is because they associate their names with good things happening which makes their brains release dopamine and serotonin – two feel-good chemicals. It may seem like common sense but using your dog’s name when giving them attention will help build an even stronger bond between the two of you.

When not to use your dog’s name?

Your dog’s name is a powerful thing. When you say “stay” or any negative version with their moniker, it has an effect on them that goes beyond simple obedience training; this kind of misuse can have lasting detrimental effects on your dog.

To make your dog happy and proud to hear his name, you should associate the sound of it with fun things.

Your dog’s name is pretty much synonymous with the command “come.” When you say your pup’s moniker they should come running. So when you say your dog’s name with a negative command, it confuses your dog. And that could lead to your dog not responding at all or it can even make them anxious.


The commands not to use your dog’s name are very common. You may have heard them before and they might be the reason why you decided to read this blog post in the first place. We understand how confusing it can be, but we want you to know that there is a way forward! Dog owners need to remember that their pets don’t always respond well when given orders or reprimanded because of undesired behavior. Instead, try using positive reinforcement methods like rewards and praise while discouraging bad behaviors by removing attention from them instead.

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